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Other As Spectacle : Women, Queerness, and the Male Gaze

Master's Project


This project builds on the elements of my previous interactive works to create a singular, thematic interactive work.


Other as Spectacle aims to explore the alienation of LGBTQ individuals unable to fit into the specific gender roles and relationships that society expects of them.


The intention is to make the audience aware of their own relationship with the male gaze, and how they perpetuate the social expectations of heterosexuality and the objectification of women.

Bioreactor VR Module

Bio-Engineering Lab Simulation


This VR project was created jointly between NC State's College of Engineering and the College of Design.

The interactions were built to follow protocols of student modules in the Bio Engineering lab.

Far From Home

WWI Narrative VR Project


This VR project was a collaboration between students in the disciplines of History, Computer Science and Art & Design. The project aimed to represent the experience of WWI, both at home and at the trenches.

Out of Reach: Phase One


The intent of this project is to give the viewer a sense of discovery. Using the Kinect to track the motion of the viewer, the layers of the piece will move and change in scale, mimicking the effect of 3D art and creating the illusion of depth. Depending on the position of the viewer, they are able to see different aspects of the art piece, little secrets hidden under layers.

Out of Reach: Phase Two


Building on the concept and technology from Out of Reach: Phase One, this project aims to create an interactive piece using an optical illusion that allows the user to interact with the work in a physical space.

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