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Far From Home

This VR project was a collaboration between students in the disciplines of History, Computer Science and Art & Design.


Over the course of the semester, I worked with Andrew Wiedner, Lisa Lamb, Frankie Goodnight, and Jack Wingo to conceptualize and design a VR experience focused on the lived experiences of soldiers and their families during the first World War.

By the end of the semester, two set pieces had been built, a 3D model of WWI trenches, and a 3D model of a classic home of the same era. Objects in the spaces were used to give further information, including news clippings and radio recordings.

As the project developed, the two set pieces were split between the two design students in the team. My focus was on the design and build of a American home during World War I. Using a combination of edited pre-built assets and original assets created with SketchUp, I recreated the space using historical references.

Finally, the complete concept was presented as a poster with the inclusion of a timeline and the assets that would be used to represent the changing perspective during the war.

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